BBC radio on: KCMO as one of the least bicycle friendly cities the U.S.--but changing

BBC's One Planet series recently did a major (26-minute) radio story on the state of bicycling in Kansas City, Missouri:

Recent census data in the United States has ranked Kansas City in Missouri as the least cycling-friendly city in the country.

But the city authorities, led by Mayor Mark Funkhouser, want to make it one of the best places to cycle in the US by 2020.

So can it be done? And will adding the infrastructure of cycling be enough to get the people of Kansas City out of their cars? For One Planet, Richard Hollingham got on his bike to investigate.

Listen to the story here. (Using the "listen" link rather than the "podcast" link is recommended, because all music is removed from the podcast link, for rights reasons.) has a summary of the story.