Press Release: Bicyclists and Pedestrians -- Light Up at Night (Oct 1, 2008)


Contact information:
Dr. Brent Hugh
Executive Director
Missouri Bicycle Federation

Bicyclists and Pedestrians -- Light Up at Night
Increasing nighttime visibility dramatically increasing safety for bicyclists and pedestrians

As daylight hours grow shorter, cyclists and pedestrians should consider ways to light themselves up when out after dark. Wearing reflective clothing, leg or arm bands or adding a light can greatly increase their visibility and reduce the risk of being struck by a motorist.

The following are simple steps that motorists, pedestrians and cyclists can take to practice safe habits on the roadways.

* Wear light colored or reflective clothing
* Use a white head light and red rear reflector on your bike – it's the law
* Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals
* Always ride with the flow of traffic

* Reduce speed when passing bicyclists
* Give bicyclists a minimum of 3 feet distance when you pass
* Don't blast your horn when approaching cyclists – startling them can cause an accident

* Cross the street at marked crosswalks and intersections whenever possible.
* Be aware of your surroundings – watch for vehicles turning or backing out of parking spaces and driveways
* Use pedestrian pushbuttons to activate/extend the walk signal. Never enter a crosswalk when a signal displays a solid or flashing "Don't Walk" message
* Use sidewalks. If there are none, walk facing traffic so you see vehicles, and drivers see you

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The Missouri Bicycle Federation, founded in 1994, represents the interests of bicyclists, walkers, runners, and trail users throughout Missouri. Through its network of affiliated clubs and groups, MoBikeFed represents over 15,000 Missouri citizens and speaks for the 2 million Missourians who bicycle regularly and the 5.8 million who walk.

The Missouri Bicycle Federation is working to realize its vision of active transportation in Missouri by creating a world-class bicycle and pedestrian network in Missouri, building a movement around walking and bicycling, encouraging more walking and bicycling, and increasing safety for all road users.

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