Lt Gov Kinder to announce Tour of Missouri facts & figures today

Lt Gov Kinder speaks with a volunteer during Tour of Missouri 2008.

Lt Gov Kinder has spent much of the past three year criss-crossing the state building support for the Tour of Missouri--we've called him "Missouri's No. 1 Bicycle Booster".

He's worked to raise some millions of dollars in sponsorships for the Tour and build interest and support for the Tour across the state.

Gov Blunt gave the Tour the green light back in 2006, but Lt Gov Kinder takes credit as the person who really took on the Tour as a project, promoted it, and made it the success it has become in its first two years.
Lt Gov Kinder's office announced a press conference in St Joseph today. Lt Gov Kinder, whose office has organized the Tour of the past two years, will announce some of the facts, figures, and results from the economic impact study done of the Tour of Missouri 2008:
Lt. Governor Kinder to Present 2008 Tour of Missouri Economic Impact Study

Key findings to be presented in St. Joseph, Stage 1 of the 2008 Tour of Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY – Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Chairman of the Missouri Tourism Commission, will join local organizing officials in St. Joseph on Tuesday to present the key findings of the 2008 Tour of Missouri Economic Impact Study.

In 2007, the inaugural Tour of Missouri brought in $26.2 million in tourism dollars throughout the state. An estimated 367,566 saw the Tour of Missouri at some time during the six stages.

WHAT: Lt. Gov. Kinder and local organizing officials will present key findings from the 2008 Economic Impact Study.

WHO: Lt. Governor Kinder, Chairman of the Missouri Tourism Commission

WHEN: Tuesday, October 14 4:30 p.m.

WHERE: City Hall

1100 Frederick Ave.

St. Joseph, MO