Candidate contact information for state and federal elections in Missouri

MoBikeFed has compiled a candidate contact list, incorporating data from several different sources, to provide as complete a set of contact information as possible for as many candidates as possible in Missouri.

* The list has all state and federal candidates for the Nov 2008 elections in Missouri, as near as possible.

* The list has mailing address information and email contact information, as far as it is available for each candidate (note that, to reduce automated spamming, the email addresses are re-written in the form "name [at]" - if you download the Excel file this can be reversed easily with a simple search & replace).

* The list is coded for region (MoDOT district) allowing you to easily sort out all candidates in your immediate area.

The purpose of the list is to allow you to find the contact information for all of your own candidates, and also for bicycle and pedestrian oriented groups and organizations in Missouri to easily be able to contact all candidates in their areas to educate them about the issues that are important to bicycling, walking, running, and trails groups in the upcoming election.

--> Download the complete contact list here (Excel file).

--> If you just want to find contact info for your own personal set of candidates, based on your address or zip code, Project VoteSmart is a great place to start.