1 DEC 2008: Include bicycling/walking in nat'l economic recovery

Congress and the president are debating a huge economic stimulus package. A major part of that, pushed by DOTs from across the country, will be funding for roads and bridges.

This presents both an opportunity and threat for creating a better bicycling and walking infrastructure across the U.S.

You can make your voice be heard in support of better bicycling and walking infrastructure, on a national scale, by signing the petition to Congress.

This is an opportunity of a generation to move bicycling and walking forward nationwide--because, as we have found out in Missouri, getting the federal government to work in support of bicycling and walking helps moves our politically insulated Missouri bureaucrats, who remain stuck in 1940s transportation thinking unless something like this comes along to make them move forward.

It presents a threat, because if hundreds of billions are poured into road and highway infrastructure--omitting bicycling and walking, as has been consistently done for the past 75 years, an infrastructure unfriendly to walking and bicycling will literally be poured into place.

And will last another 50 years.

It only takes a minute to speak up to Congress by signing the petition.

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