Springfield lowers speed limit city-wide for better bike/ped environment

The city of Springfield has put into effect a new ordinance to lower the speed limit on residential streets all across the city.

If you live in Springfield, please take a moment to write to your city council to let them know your support this initiative--city council email is CityCouncil [at] ci.springfield.mo.us

This is a low-cost solution that can make a real difference in encourage more people to walk and bicycle (and feel safer doing it). It covers a huge area of the city at very low relative cost.

More cities in Missouri should look at following Springfield's lead. Work in countries like the UK (where a 20 MPH speed limit has been introduced in many residential areas) has indicated that the slower speed limits really do work when they are applied in the right areas--typically residential neighborhoods.

According to the Springfield News Leader:
Springfield workers on Monday completed installation of new traffic signs to lower the speed limit on local streets from 30 to 25 miles per hour, according to a news release from the city.

The project required the installation of 1,816 signs on local streets, most within residential neighborhood. . . .

The speed limit was changed to boost safety and encourage drivers to voluntarily slow down to reflect the residential character of the neighborhood, officials say.