Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling

The Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling is working with a variety of schools and youth groups in urban Kansas City to develop their interest in bicycling.

One of their most interesting projects is working with Scuola Vita Nuova to take a groups of middle schoolers on the Katy Trail ride in June:

The Wheels Can Take Me Places Project begins this January. It is designed to connect students to the outside environment and the surrounding community. By taking part in the program, students will gain strong and lasting connections to the living world and the larger community through service projects and outdoor experiences. We believe this foundation created between the land and the students will help make their urban neighborhoods healthy and sustainable. The Wheels Can Take Me Places Project is sponsored by Scuola Vita Nuova Charter School, The Urban Kansas City Community of Cyclists and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources-Division of State Parks.

During the project, students will participate in overnight camping and biking experiences that will prepare them for a culminating, week-long, 225-mile bike ride on the Katy Trail State Park from Clinton, Missouri to St. Charles, Missouri in June 2009.
Read more on the Urban Kansas City CC web site.

The Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling is partnering with MoBikeFed to involve the students in bicycle advocacy, and there is the possibility the students may visit Jefferson City February 24th for for Bicycle Day at the Capitol 2009.

Creating school bicycle clubs and programs is one of the objectives in MoBikeFed's Vision of Active Transportation in Missouri. The Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling is a great example of how this can be done.

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