MoBikeFed member/donor drawing: winners announced

MoBikeFed gets a chance to give a little back to you who give so much for better bicycling & walking in Missouri

If you remember we had a little contest going a while back where anyone who joined or donated to MoBikeFed was entered in a drawing for cool swag from the Tour of Missouri.

I'm doing a presentation at the Midwest Bike Expo in St. Louis tomorrow so I thought that would be a nice occasion to announce the winners.

(My presentation 12:30PM-1:30PM on "MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling in Missouri".)

Here is the list of drawing winners:

* Tour of MO Jersey, signed by numerous racers & staff:
Paige Presnell, Glencoe, MO
* Tour of MO tshirt, signed by numerous racers & staff:
Robert Stilley, Kansas City MO
* Actual Team Columbia/Highroad feed bag used during the Tour of Missouri, signed by members of that team:
(One of our members picked it up off the ground and volunteered it for 'the cause'; another volunteered to take it to the Columbia/High Road bus & get team members to sign it.)
David Hoel, Chillicothe MO
* Tour of MO cycling cap signed by David VEILLEUX of Kelly Benefit the day he won the Most Aggressive Rider jersey on stage 5:
James Gender, St. Louis MO
Thanks to all MoBikeFed members & supporters.

Your support is really making a difference in Missouri, and we're always glad for a little opportunity like this to say THANK YOU to a few supporters!