Bicycling, Walking, & the MoDOT Funding Crisis--what we really want

Bicycling, Walking, and the MoDOT Funding Crisis presentation (5.5 meg PDF file)

The Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, along with a coalition of over 60 organizations, clubs, groups, and businesses, has been supporting a Complete Streets bill in the Missouri General Assembly for the past few years.

In addition, we have met recently with the Missouri Transportation Alliance, the group working on a new funding source--and perhaps a new philosophy--for MoDOT.  Read the report of that meeting here.

The Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation and allied groups would like to be able to support the funding MoDOT needs and help move MoDOT in the direction of a truly sustainable, economical 21st century transportation system.

That is one reason we have been pushing for improved accommodation for bicycling & walking by MoDOT.

On the one hand, how can we support MoDOT if they continue to make bad decisions about accommodating bicycling and walking safely--as seems to happen quite often?

On the other hand, MoDOT has been improving in its treatment of bicycle and pedestrian issues--a very positive sign--but how can be be sure that treatment will continue and improve?

And there has been some confusion, both in the General Assembly and in MoDOT--what exactly do those bicyclists and pedestrians want?  What is it we are asking for?

We have created a presentation (5.5meg PDF format) to address exactly those issues.


* We want to be able to support the funding MoDOT needs

* What commitments do we need, in order to do that?

 - Fund transportation, not just automobiles; create an integrated transportation system not just a road system
 - Fully coordinate and integrate planning for land use and transportation
 - State clearly that funds can be used for bicycle & pedestrian accommodations along & across MoDOT roads
 - Insure that planning, training, maintenance, measurement always consider & include bicycling, walking, transit
 - In and near cities and built-up areas and where appropriate, include bicycling & walking routinely in MoDOT projects (Complete Streets)

* Why do we want those things?

 - Bicycle & walking are the most economical solutions to serious transportation problems, including pollution, greenhouse emissions, congestion, health, obesity, and community livability
 - Equal treatment for the 8.3% of Missouri households with no automobile; the 25% with no driver's license
 - Older adults drive less, bicycle & walk more--we'll have a huge increase in this age group as baby boomers retire
 - 80-90% of streets are OK for walking and bicycling now. But the last 10-20% are (more often than not) MoDOT roads
 - Currently vehicle miles driven is decreasing while bicycling, walking, & transit trips are increasing dramatically in Missouri
 - You cannot build a complete bicycle and pedestrian system in any Missouri city, large or small, unless you also include MoDOT roads in the system.

* What are Complete Streets?

- Flexible
- Very different in rural vs. urban areas (most rural roads are fine as they are)
- Inexpensive (planning up front saves millions)

See the full presentation here (PDF format, 5.3 meg).

This is a work in progress, so your comments and ideas are welcome.  Please leave comments below!

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