Rock Island's St. Louis Subdivision - A Complete History through 2000 | Michael Landis

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In the summer of 1904, the Rock Island finally completed its railroad extension from Bland through Eldon and Versailles to Windsor, which was served by the mainline (St. Louis-Sedalia-Texas) of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (the Katy). In order to handle passenger traffic for the 1904 World's Fair, the RI began operating it's trains to/from KC by using the MKT from it's line at Windsor to Clinton, then into KC over the Frisco "High Line" from Clinton. However, in 1905, the RI finally completed the last leg of the route- from Windsor, through Pleasant Hill, Lees Summit, Raytown into Kansas City. At this time, operations over the Frisco and MKT were discontinued (much of the last leg was constructed parallel to MKT's own Bryson (N. Windsor) to Paola, KS. line, which would later be abandoned in 1958). A simple ceremony was held to commemorate the opening of the St. Louis Subdivision, and regular tran-state freight and passenger services were commissioned immediately. All in all, the St. Louis line was quite a feat to complete, not to mention an expensive one. Several tunnels and high trestles were required to traverse the many large rivers and rugged hills of the northern Ozarks mountain country on the east end.

MoBikeFed comment: This is a detailed history of the Rock Island Railroad in Missouri from its inception through the year 2000. A very interesting read!