Maryville makes bicycle connection to Mozingo Lake

Maryville has been one of the most active smaller towns in Missouri in creating a better bicycle network in town and in the surrounding area.

Now the city is working to add a better bicycle route between the city and nearby Mozingo Lake, according to the Maryville Daily Forum:

Hikers and bikers making the trek from Maryville to Mozingo Lake will soon find the going a lot smoother.

Herzog Contracting Corporation began laying asphalt for the city of Maryville trail system Monday on U.S. Highway 136. The trail will follow along U.S. 136 on the road's shoulders, shoulders that are being extended to six and one half feet from the 102 River bridge to just east of Liberty Road, said Larry Jacobson, resident engineer with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

The city of Maryville is paying for the costs of the trail — roughly $104,000. But it coincides with a MoDOT resurfacing project on U.S. 136 and Missouri Highway 46.