Liveblogging Tour of Missouri news conference 14 July 2009

Liveblogging the Tour of Missouri news conference with Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and Chris Aronhalt, Kelly Greene, & Steve Brunner of Medalist Sports:

Lt Gov: Thank you to volunteers and supporters for the outpouring of support for the race when the funding was threatened.

Delighted by the news today, about two hours ago, that Governor Nixon has released the funds for the race.

Thrilled and delighted to be able welcome Governor Nixon as one of the supporters of the Tour.

Tourism Commission voted 8-0 to reaffirm support for the Tour--which included the support of the Governor's two appointments to the Commission.

The Tour and its finances have always been transparent and he reaffirms that it will continue to be transparent.

He thanks the many fans and bloggers who supported the Tour over the past week, including George Hincapie and Christian Vande Velde who posted to Twitter.

Lt Gov is working to make the 4th Tour (2010) happen as well.

Hoping to break 500,000 spectators this year.

Chris Aronhalt:
Heard from several teams, including some currently in Tour de France, excited about the news that the Tour of Missouri is going forward and looking forward to coming to Missouri in September.

Steve Brunner:
Sponsors are re-affirming their support for the Tour and the attention and support shown over the last week has actually strengthened their commitment to the Tour.

Record amount of TV hours planned for this year--28 hours. It will be live on the web, on Versus, and on Fox Sports Midwest.