Long Beach introduces innovative green bike lane with sharrows

With all the "controversy"* over the recent on-street bicycle markings introduced in Columbia, you would think that city must be way out on the cutting edge of newfangled, crazy, and unproven bicycle treatments.


Columbia's treatments are actually rather conservative, staid, and well-proven.

And of course--save for the moaning of a few posters on local media's web sites--Columbia's new bicycle routes and lanes are actually working rather well. They have roughly tripled the amount of bicycling in Columbia in the space of a single year.

So it's interesting to see what a really newfangled and innovative bicycle treatment might look like. And here, courtesy of LA StreetsBlog, we see what Long Beach, CA, has done on one of their major thoroughfares;


*Scarequotes used because this is really a tempest in a teapot caused by a few people writing on internet message boards. In fact the best data we have about people's attitudes towards the GetAbout program (from a random phone survey of over 500 residents December 2008) show that 58% of Columbia residents use alternative transportation weekly or more often. Over 60% agree (and less than 20% disagree) that the GetAbout Columbia programs make the city better and more attractive.