US Sec. of Transportation outlines need to reduce miles driven, improve bicycling, walking, transit

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood summarizes remarks he recently gave--highlighting the need to reduce the number of miles driven in the U.S.:
* We must take action to make all forms of transportation more fuel efficient while stepping up efforts to introduce low-carbon fuels and alternative power sources for all types of vehicles.
* However, even if we were to achieve a 55 mile-per-gallon fuel efficiency standard in the coming years, carbon emission levels from transportation would still only decline modestly. We must implement policies and programs that reduce vehicle miles driven.
* This means providing communities with additional transportation choices, such as light rail, fuel-efficient buses, and paths for pedestrians and bicycles that intersect with transit centers. These options will also reduce household transportation costs, strengthen local economies, lower traffic congestion, and reduce reliance on foreign oil.
* Our strategy also calls for investing transportation dollars in coordination with housing and economic development. By doing so, we can promote strong communities with mixed-income housing located close to transit in walkable neighborhoods.
Well there it is, for all to read:
If we want to reduce transportation carbon emissions, we need to reduce the amount of driving we do.
(Emphasis added.)