MoBikeFed meets with Missouri Transportation Alliance

MoBikeFed board members are in St. Louis this weekend for our annual retreat.

While we are here we have set up a series of meetings, together with other allied organizations, including the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation, the Sierra Club, and Scenic Missouri, with Stakeholders in the Missouri Transportation Alliance.

If you recall, the Missouri Transportation Alliance is the group working to create a new funding source for MoDOT--and in doing that, chart a new course for MoDOT's future.

Friday we met with Missouri Transportation Alliance Chair Bill McKenna.

McKenna is a former state senator and President Pro Tem of the Missouri Senate and former chair of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

He is very knowledgeable about transportation in Missouri and very well connected with all the main decision makers on Missouri's transportation scene.

The meeting Friday was very productive, and together with other meetings with the other stakeholders this weekend, we feel will help put MoBikeFed and other bicycle and pedestrian organizations across the state on a path of working together with those who are setting MoDOT's future course.

Our goal is to work with the Missouri Transportation Alliance so that any future proposal they may make is one that MoBikeFed can fully support.

Our vision is better, safer, roads and a better, safer transportation system for all Missourians--particularly when those Missourians choose to walk or bicycle to their destination.

Working to assure that Missouri's transportation system has adequate funding--funding that will also be used as necessary to create a complete and safe bicycle and pedestrian transportation system--is key to making that vision a reality.

You can help us reach that vision by leaving a comment on the Missouri Transportation Alliance feedback form asking them to support bicycling and walking as part of Missouri's transportation future.

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