Drury University plans Bike Week

Drury University in Springfield is planning Bike Week, according to an article in the Drury Mirror:
[A]s fall approaches, Drury's environmentalist group, Think Green, plans to keep the campus "green" all year long.

This week, Think Green plans to launch a week long initiative called "Bike Week" to promote sustainable transportation for students, and provide education and resources for current bicycle-users.

According to a Think Green publication, Bike Week will include a "Biking School" seminar, technical assistance for non-part repairs, free T-shirts, and air for bicycle tires.

Bicycles are already popular on campus, and Bike Week is an attempt to showcase that, according to Brett Marler, president of Think Green.

Marler believes that Drury's campus caters too much to automobile interests because of the assumption that students prefer to use cars. Marler wants to "give a voice to the underrepresented biking population on Drury's campus, and make bicycle usage on campus easier for students."