Governor Nixon's State of the State address mentions bicycling

Governor Nixon's State of the State address last week mentioned bicycling twice. Hiking, biking, camping, hunting, fishing and other similar outdoor recreational activities were a bit of a theme in the speech last week.

Though bicycling was mentioned only twice, and neither time in a way particularly substantial or policy-related still--I can't think of the last time bicycling was mentioned in  Missouri State of the State address even once!

The full address is here.  A few excerpts:

Hunting, fishing, hiking and camping are part of our Missouri way of life. When I was a kid, I did a lot of fishing with my dad. We'd get up early, toss our gear in the back of the station wagon and head down to Bennett Spring or Montauk. I'd be hip-deep in cold water before the mist had rolled off the river. . . . 

For families who love the outdoors, there's just no better deal around. Now we've got to spread the word: If you like to kayak or fish, bird-watch or mountain bike, come to Missouri first. . . . 

And at the end of the day, whether we vote red, blue or purple, most of us want the same things.

A state that's competitive and prosperous.

A state where hard-working people can find a decent job, buy a house and raise a family.

A state brimming with opportunity, so our children can sink roots and raise families of their own.

A state where health care is abundant and affordable.

A state where every child gets a first-rate education.

A state whose natural beauty beckons us to hike and bike, hunt and fish.

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