MoDOT Director Pete Rahn mentions bicycling in his State of Transportation speech

Last year in his State of Transportation address to the Missouri General Assembly, MoDOT Director Pete Rahn mentioned bicycling and walking not at all.

This year, after leaders of bicycling organizations, ordinary bicyclists, and legislative leaders requested that he mention bicycling and walking in this year's speech, he did:

So the Smooth Roads Initiative also means progress you can see and hear. Progress you can see through larger, easier-to-read road signs; and brighter, wider pavement markings. Progress you can hear through rumble stripes that alert you loud and clear when you are veering off the roadway and that provide a clear path on highway shoulders for bicyclists.
OK, so next year we are going for actual content.

Progress in Missouri is by baby steps, isn't it?

Here are some reasons Rahn should think about making some actual substantial comments about bicycling (and walking!) transportation in Missouri:

* Over 25% of Missourians do not have a driver's license.

* Over 8% of Missouri households have no access to a motor vehicle.

* More Missourians walk or bicycle to work than use transit.

* 27% of Missourians bicycle regularly (at least once a month in good weather months).

* Almost 10% of roadway fatalities and 14% of roadway injuries in Missouri are bicyclists and pedestrians.

What does all this add up to?

Well, he doesn't have to spend his whole speech on us, but he could afford a lousy sentence or two.

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