Users submit 249 Missouri Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects, details

Waiting for MoDOT by zaskem
Waiting for MoDOT by zaskem
Citizens from across Missouri submitted 249 project ideas for the Missouri Priority Bicycle, Pedestrian, and ADA Project List.

Here are some details about the projects submitted:

  • 195 on the MoDOT system
  • 33 involve schools
  • 219 bicycling
  • 189 pedestrian
  • 141 ADA
  • 110 are for shoulders
  • 90 for sidewalks
  • 101 for bicycle lanes
  • 55 for curb cuts/ramps
  • 65 intersection improvements
  • 66 crosswalks
  • 110 other ADA specific
  • 23 for trails

Projects came from all parts of the state and all ten MoDOT districts.

You can still submit project ideas involving schools or projects of special benefit to those with disabilities here through March 5th.

You can view the full list of submitted project ideas here.