Partnering with MoDOT - High Priority Bike/Ped Projects Submission Form

NOTE: The deadline for submitting projects for the Missouri Priority List was 23 February 2010.

We are partnering with MoDOT to work with users and user groups across Missouri to identify high priority bicycle, pedestrian, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) projects in Missouri that MoDOT can add to their planning process.

We will first work with users like you, user groups, and agency staff across Missouri to identify about 100 priority bicycle, pedestrian, and ADA projects.

We will then work with MoDOT and their transportation partners to narrow that list down to the best and truly practical high priority projects.

The shortened list of high priority projects will then be added to MoDOT's planning process with the hopes of completing them in the next 5 to 7 years, provided funding is available and the projects are supported by the public.

To be eligible for consideration by MoDOT in its list of High Priority Projects, your project should be:
  • On or very closely related to the MoDOT system
    • Generally on/adjacent to state or federal roads or highways, or making a direct connection to them
    • Generally trails or multi-use paths will not be eligible, simply because these are not usually built on MoDOT right-of-way. However there may be limited exceptions to this general rule--for instance, a short segment of trail or path along a MoDOT road that connects a multi-use path on an existing bridge to another nearby multi-use path or trail.
    • Sidewalks, improved shoulders, bicycle lanes, curb cuts, improved bicycle/pedestrian/ADA signage or signals, and other similar projects are all possible
  • Limited in scope (ie, add a shoulder to a 3-mile stretch of road, not 300 miles; adding pedestrian heads to 5 key traffic signals, not 60; or a project that costs $200,000 or $2 million, not $52 million)
  • Not currently funded (though add-ons to current projects are fine--even encouraged!)
  • Projects that will
    • Create the greatest connection for bicyclists and/or pedestrians
    • Provide the greatest benefit to the largest number of users
    • Give the biggest bang for the buck
For example:
  • Projects that will fill a gap in an existing well-used route or system
  • Projects that create connectivity in high density/high use areas where none currently exists (ie, adding curb cuts to sidewalks between a transit stop and nearby businesses in a downtown area)
  • Projects that add on to currently planned projects (ie, already planning to pave Route 42 with two foot shoulders--how about making them 5 foot shoulders instead)
  • Projects that complete a network or route system for bicyclists, pedestrians, or ADA users
  • In general the most pressing, most needed, and most vital projects for creating bicycle, pedestrian, and ADA access in your area.
The projects you submit will go to a committee of interested users in your MoDOT district to be evaluated and prioritized. If you would like to participate in the committee in your area, just email

The submission form asks for quite a number of details about your project--and the more of those details you know, the more it will help us evaluate your project.

But if you don't know all the details, don't let that stop you from submitting a good project! If you can give your project a name, tell its location, and describe it, that is all we need to get started.

Project submission deadline: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 (Friday March 5th for projects involving schools or people with disabilities; please email to notify of submissions)

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