Tour of Missouri funding still in play in Senate committee--but final decision next week

Support the Tour of Missouri
Support the Tour of Missouri
The Tour of Missouri funding was discussed Thursday in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The good news is that your many calls and email message have helped a lot--the Tour of Missouri funding is still in the funding bill when many, many other appropriations have been cut.

However, the Tourism line item, which holds the Tour of Missouri funding, is still open for discussion in the Committee and the situation could change before the Committee's final vote.

That vote will most likely be held Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, your calls, faxes, and email messages to members of the Senate Appropriations Committee are vitally important!

Committee members are likely to check email occasionally over the holiday weekend, so that is actually a pretty good time to send a message (once they committee hearings start Tuesday morning they are more likely to be heads-down in the meeting & not receiving messages).

St Louis Public Radio reports:

House members slashed $200 million from the budget before passing it last week. Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee so far have proposed additional cuts to life sciences research and Access Missouri scholarships.
The committee has also recommended cutting nearly half the state funding for the Parents As Teachers program, and the entire $3 million state allotment for the arts.

Committee chairman Robert Mayer (R, Dexter) says state funding for the Tour of Missouri professional bicycle race is on the table as well.

"We just looked at that today, and that funding remains in that line item...(but) I believe we left that line item open for further discussion," Mayer said.

UPDATE 4/8/2010: Good News! The Senate Appropriations Committee approved unchanged the language about Tour of Missouri funding passed by the House of Representatives.  Details here.

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