Tour of Missouri rolls on: Support for Tour funding continues in the Missouri Senate

Support the Tour of Missouri
Support the Tour of Missouri
I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Jefferson City, talking with legislators about the Tour of Missouri as well as about the other bills we are actively working on now (anti-texting legislation, safe passing of bicycles, Bike Month & Walk to School month on the State Holidays Calendar, the proposed addition of bicycles to the sales tax holiday, and others).

As always it is good to talk with our elected officials and staff about these issues and to see how much support there is for them in the Missouri legislature.

We attended almost the full day's hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee Tuesday and the last part of that hearing was dealing with HB 2007, which includes appropriations for the Division of Tourism and the Tour of Missouri.

The result of that hearing is that the Senate is on track to support funding for the 2010 Tour, with the same language as that approved by the Missouri House on March 25th.

Due to the way the General Assembly's budget process works, when the Appropriations Committee closed that issue Tuesday, that most likely means it will be approved by the full Senate as well, and since the Senate will have approved the same language as the House on that issue it will remain the same in the final budget bill as well.

(Issues where the Senate and House disagree will have to be resolved in conference committee later, but issues where they agree, like this one, are not open for discussion again. Unless something very unusual happens in the budget process, these agreed upon issues will be included, unchanged, in the final budget bill that will be passed the first week of May.)

This is exactly the outcome we were hoping for, and the best outcome we could have expected from the General Assembly.

Thanks to all of you who have contacted your Missouri elected officials in support of the Tour.  Your calls and email messages have made the difference!

Your membership in MoBikeFed makes advocacy like this possible.