Bicycle Boulevard in Columbia nears completion

The Columbia Tribune is reporting on a Bicycle Boulevard project in Columbia that is nearing completion:

“It gives priority to bikes on the street,” Curtis said of the markings on Windsor and East Ash. “It’s kind of like putting a bike trail right down the middle of the road.”

Vehicles still will have the right of way, Curtis said, but bicyclists should move over when vehicles approach. Curtis said the aim is to separate car traffic from bicycle traffic. . .  .

GetAbout worked closely with the Benton-Stephens and North Central Columbia neighborhood associations in planning and designing the project, Curtis said.

A Bicycle Boulevard is simply a normal street that has been designed to promote low-speed motor vehicle traffic and promote through bicycle traffic.

The Bicycle Boulevards planned for Columbia are among the first in Missouri designed specifically with bicycling in mind, though many existing residential streets in Missouri cities fit the general description of Bicycle Boulevards and are used by area bicyclists in a similar way.

Rumor has it that Springfield is working on a similar Bicycle Boulevard project.