Greenwood, MO, introducing bicyclist harassment ordinance May 24th

Angry Driver by SplaTT on Flickr,
Angry Driver by SplaTT on Flickr,
Mayor Megee of Greenwood is introducing an ordinance to provide much stronger penalties for the harassment of bicyclists.

Bicyclist harassment has been an issue in this part of Jackson County, and now an elected leader willing to take real action about it.

The Greenwood ordinance is based on the law the Columbia, MO, recently passed (full text of the Columbia law passed last year here).

We are planning a ride from Lee's Summit to Greenwood, leaving at 6PM from Summit Park in Lee's Summit (it's about 8 miles each way and you'll need lights as it will be dark on the return trip; contact or 816-695-6736 if planning to ride with us).

You can also help support by writing a brief, polite email of support and sending it to two key alderman: Alderman Chris Seagraves ( and Alderman Nic Cover (  

Especially helpful would be if you have experienced bicyclist harassment, especially in the southern Jackson county area where Greenwood is located, and you could briefly share your experience with the Aldermen.