Tour of Missouri-gate continues: Non-decision decision from the Missouri Tourism Commission

Yesterday via email, a Tourism Commission member informed Tour of Missouri officials that the Commission is not willing to meet or enter into discussions about the Tour of Missouri, have not and will not take a vote on the issue of the 'specific appropriation' for the Tour of Missouri that was approved by both chambers of the General Assembly, and yet still will not provide the funding.

"The Tourism Commission's non-decision decision puts the ball firmly back into Governor Nixon's court," said Brent Hugh, Vice-Chair of the Tour of Missouri and Executive Director of the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation.

Nixon spokesman Sam Murphey has confirmed that Governor Nixon's staff received a meeting request from Tour of Missouri officials and instructed them to meet with the Division of Tourism about the Tour of Missouri.

Mike Weiss, Chair of the Tour of Missouri, and Hugh are in now formally requesting a meeting with Governor Nixon or his designated staff member.