ALERT: Bike ban proposed in St. Charles County

St. Charles County Council member Joe Brazil has proposed banning bicycles from several roads around the Katy Trail town of Defiance in the southwestern part of the county. 

On July 12th the County Council tabled the ban, but the plan to re-consider it in August with the possible addition of even more roads to the banned list.

Act Now

If you live in Missouri use this form to email the County Council and let them know you oppose the ban.

If you live outside Missouri, see contact info below.

Whether you live, work, or ride in St. Charles County, it's important to speak up.

Points to make:

  • If you live, work, or own a business in St Charles County, say so.
  • You strongly oppose the bicycle ban.
  • The ban on bicycles is the absolutely wrong way to go about solving what is a very serious problem.
  • Before taking such a drastic and controversial action, the council needs to carefully study the issue and meet with affected groups.
  • No other county in Missouri, or in the U.S. for that matter, has enacted such a sweeping ban of bicyclists on the main and only connecting highways.
  • Area bicycle organizations would like the chance to meet with county officials, MoDOT officials, concerned citizens groups, and others, and work out a solution that will actually solve the problem rather than simply scapegoating bicyclists.
  • More study is needed--do they even know if **any** collisions on these roads are caused by bicyclists?  Have they studied causes of collisions on these roads?  If not, they need to stop and do so before taking drastic action.

PLEASE be polite and persuasive when you contact your elected officials.

Bill No. 3620 - Prohibit bicycles on Highway DD, D, F, Z & 94 from Hwy. 40 to County line until shoulders or bicycle lanes are in place.

County officials contact info:

Cheryl Hibbeler
District 1

Joe Brazil
District 2

Nancy Matheny
District 3

Paul Wynn
District 4

Terry Hollander
District 5

Jerry Daugherty
District 6

John White
District 7

UPDATE, late 2010: This proposal was eventually defeated in the St Charles County Council.  More information about the proposed ban and the final resolution here.

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