MoDOT has three vital, long-awaited bike/ped river crossings under construction

Heart of America Bike/Ped Path Groundbreaking Ceremony
Heart of America Bike/Ped Path Groundbreaking Ceremony
After years--in some cases decades--of work by planners, designers, MoDOT and city officials, and advocates, three important bicycle/pedestrian river crossings in Missouri are currently under construction.

Heart of America and Chouteau in Kansas City
The two Kansas City projects which will create the first really good, safe bicycle/pedestrian crossing points of the Missouri River (which divides the KC metro area in half) have been years in the works and were already programmed by MoDOT.

However, thanks to federal stimulus funding, MoDOT was able to move up the schedule significantly for both projects--from 2012 to 2010.  Stimulus funding is also responsible for needed maintenance and upkeep on both bridges, which will be done simultaneously with the bike/ped upgrades.

It would be very appropriate to email MoDOT District Engineer Beth Wright and thank MODot District 4 for moving these projects forward:

Jefferson City

Jefferson City bike/ped bridge groundbreaking
Jefferson City bike/ped bridge groundbreaking

The Jefferson City bike/ped bridge will connect the Katy Trail, which has around a half million annual visitors, with downtown Jefferson City, the Missouri state capitol, and the growing Jefferson City trails network.

The bridge attachment, which will be named after Missouri trails and parks champion Pat Jones, has been on the drawing board for over a decade.

The effort to create the bike/ped path across the river had stalled when the Missouri State Parks Foundation rolled up its sleeves and took on the job of raising the funds needed for the local match.  The fund raising was completed a couple of years ago.  Planning and design work then began, leading to construction starting this summer.

It would be very appropriate to email MoDOT District Engineer Roger Schwartze and thank MODot District 5 for the fine job it has done in designing the new bike/ped path and moving it forward to construction:

Your role and MoDOT's role in making these projects happen
MoBikeFed members and supporters have played a key role in moving all three of these projects forward. MoBikeFed representatives have sat on key committees involved in the planning and/or design of all three projects.

These projects are among the first tangible signs we are seeing of the major changes MoDOT has been making behind the scenes over the past few years to become more accommodating of bicycle and pedestrian travel in Missouri and to work to solve barriers to bicycling and walking in our transportation system that have stood for decades.

One of the top goals in MoBikeFed's Vision of Bicycling and Walking in Missouri is creating a world-class bicycle and pedestrian network in Missouri.  These three bridges are three very important steps towards making that vision a reality.

Flyover of Heart of America bike/ped path, now under construction: