"Same Roads - Same Rights" license plate--thank you and next steps

License Plate draft design
License Plate draft design
A big thank you to everyone who submitted a comment in support of the proposed specialty license plate in support of bicycling in Missouri. We were able to submit 666 comments in support of the plates.

Those comments will go to the Joint Committee on Transportation where members of the Missouri General Assembly will approve or disapprove the specialty license plate applications sometime during this year's legislative session.

If the plate is approve then we might be able to start selling the plates by about 12 months from now.

Some people have asked what the process will be to get the new plates.  Here is an outline of how it will work (as we currently understand the process--and since we haven't actually been through the process we might not be understanding it completely!):

  1. You will go to a special page on the MoBikeFed web site where you pay the 'emblem use fee' and print out a letter documenting that you've paid the fee ($30 for one year or $55 for two years).
  2. Take that letter to your regular motor vehicle licensing office, where you present the letter plus a small 'specialty plate fee' ($15). You can also specify an individualized plate number (ie, "IBIKE" or "BIKEMO" or something similar) at no extra charge. 
  3. The Department of Revenue orders your specialty license plates.
  4. When the plate arrives (a few weeks typically) they notify you and you go down to the office and pick up your new plates.
  5. You can do this any time (ie, you DON'T have to wait until your regular license plate renewal date--it doesn't cost any more or less to do it at your regular renewal time vs any random time you feel like it).

Once you've initially paid for the plates, then this process just becomes part of the regular renewal (ie, go to the special web page, pay the emblem use fee, get the paper, include it & the specialty license fee in the license plate renewal).

There is only one small complicating issue: Before we can make the plates available on a regular basis, as outlined above, we must first sell (and collect the money for) the first 200 plates.  For that initial batch, we will collect the fees from 200 people up front.  Once we have the 200 plates purchased and paid for, then they will create the plate and send everyone their plates.

From that point forward, the ordering process will go as outlined above.

More details about how the specialty license plate came to be.

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