Specialty license plate in support of bicycling APPROVED by General Assembly

Remember the last decade when you asked for a "bicycles--same roads, same rights" license plate in Missouri?

Specialty license plate in support of bicycling in Missouri
Specialty license plate in support of bicycling in Missouri

And two years ago, when many of you submitted design ideas for our plate design competition?

And last Spring, when you helped us raise the $5000 application fee for the specialty plate?

And last Fall, when 666 of you sent comments in support of the plate for the Missouri General Assembly?

Well--yesterday it all paid off.

The Missouri specialty license plate in support of bicyclign is APPROVED by the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight!

The next step is final design approval.  Here is what will happen:

  1. Official letter from the Department of Revenue
  2. Final design and approval (60-90 days after that)
  3. Final go-ahead from division of revenue
  4. We collect the orders and payment for the first 200 plates (we'll create a payment page on our web site and let everyone know via email, the website, facebook, and so on that you can order you plates and become part of the first 200 to receive them)
  5. Once we have those orders in hand, we give them to the Department of Revenue and they create the plates and send them to those first, lucky 200 people.

Keep in mind that, once our plates are officially approved, you won't have to wait until your current plates expires to order the specialty plates.  You can order them at any time--they simply give you the replacement plates and take your regular plates back.

Once we have collected the emblem use fee for the initial 200 plates--which could happen by later this year--anyone will be able to make regular orders for the plates using a process like this:

  1. You will go to a special page on the MoBikeFed web site where you pay the 'emblem use fee' and print out a letter documenting that you've paid the fee ($30 for one year or $55 for two years).
  2. Take that letter to your regular motor vehicle licensing office, where you present the letter plus a small 'specialty plate fee' ($15). You can also specify an individualized plate number (ie, "IBIKE" or "BIKEMO" or whatever you like) at no extra charge. 
  3. The Department of Revenue orders your specialty license plates.
  4. When the plate arrives (a few weeks typically) they notify you and you go down to the office and pick up your new plates.
  5. You can do this any time (ie, you DON'T have to wait until your regular license plate renewal date--it doesn't cost any more or less to do it at your regular renewal time vs any random time you feel like it).

I don't know about you, but for me it's been a l-o-n-g wait.  And I can hardly wait to get my hands on my new specialty plates.

More news as it develops . . .