Jefferson City bike/ped bridge work moves forward

Work on the Jefferson City bike/ped bridge over the Missouri River is moving forward.  The Jefferson City News-Tribune has an excellent summary of the status of the project

and what will happen in the next few months:

Sullivan said there are four basic portions of work that are happening at this time. While some continue to work on the system of four towers on the north side of the river that will help users get from the ground to the bridge or the other way around, others will be working to extend the existing fence on the south side out to the bridge. Still others are currently working to create a system of supports underneath the existing bridge to brace the portion that is to come.

But the part with which most observers will identify progress is the installation of platforms that will serve as the actual path for walkers and bikers. Sullivan said, however, the process to actually put those platforms in place is no easy task.

Read the rest of the story here. A graphic showing details of construction and the appearance of the final path is here.

A MoDOT video from about a month ago shows progress and plans for the project:


Bridge photo courtesy MoDOT.