National Park Service offers help with trail planning

Kim Schafer of the National Park Service sent the following announcement--which may be of high interest to communities and organizations working to plan or build trails:

                                            Connect Your Community         
                                         to America's Great Outdoors!                                                                             
                                     Are you trying to protect your local  
                                     rivers, save an unspoiled landscape,  
                                    or build trails where everyone in your 
                                         community can enjoy nature?       
                                                 We Can Help.              
                                    Every year, the National Park Service  
                                       helps hundreds of locally-driven    
                                    projects that create opportunities for 
                                         healthy outdoor recreation,       
                                     connect youth with the outdoors, and  
                                        connect communities to parks.      
                                        Rivers, Trails, & Conservation     
                                      Assistance from the National Park    
                                     Service provides no funding, but our  
                                    experienced staff can help communities 
                                               plan for success.           
                                    Applications for technical assistance  
                                       will be accepted until August 1.    
                                      Potential applicants are strongly    
                                     encouraged to discuss their project   
                                    ideas with a staff member in your area 
                                       before preparing an application.                                       .                                       
                                     Visit for complete   
                                         information and application.      
                                   If someone else in your community should
                                     know about this opportunity, please   
                                                 forward this email.            

Contact information: 

Kimberly Shafer
National Park Service  |  Midwest Region
Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program
601 Riverfront Dr, Omaha, NE 68102
402.661.1914  |