Dressing for cold-weather bicycling - what do you need at different temperatures?

Rachel Ruhlen published this interesting chart of cycling clothing for different temperatures in her blog, Rachel and Crush:

Click to view full-sized chart

Rachel writes:

Every winter, I have to re-learn how to dress for the temperatures. Every winter, I tell myself I ought to be writing this down so that next winter, I won’t have to go through this again. I never have gotten around to it, but other people have. This chart was developed by a friend who lives in Norway. She bicycles to work every day. . . .

What her chart really tells me is that dressing for winter is very personal. Different people have different comfort zones. At 55F, I wouldn’t wear anything on my head. (I’m don’t even know what a Buff is.) I start putting on my balaclava around 25F. My Norway friend and I clearly own different clothes, and wear different clothes. I don’t have knee warmers, leg warmers, and unlined tights. Then, as the year progresses, my comfort zones change. In the fall I might wear a balaclava as warm as 28F. But a balaclava on a 28F spring morning would suffocate me!

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