ADVOCACY ALERT: Contact Congress today; six-year federal transportation policy and funding in the balance

Right now, Congress is working to set federal transportation policy and funding for the next six years.  Funding for bicycling and walking is under attack--and a call or message from you to our elected representatives could really make a difference.

Missouri delegation at the National Bike  summit
Missouri delegation at the National Bike summit

Or even better, make a phone call.  It is easy and only takes a minute--phone numbers and suggested message are below.
Why is this so important right now?
  • The House is set to pass an absolutely horrible transportation bill--perhaps early next week.  The bill eliminates funding for bicycling, walking, and trails, eliminates state bike/ped coordinators, eliminates Safe Routes to School funding, eliminates requirements to provide safe bicycle accommodations on bridges, and much, much more.

    We must stop this House bill.  Contact your own member of Congress here.
  • The Senate is set to pass a bill called MAP-21 that is far better than the House bill, but still has some very serious problems in the way it treats bicycle and pedestrian programs.  Because the House bill is so terrible, we MUST have a good Senate bill in place to counteract it.

    Senators Cardin (D-Maryland) and Cochran (R-Mississippi) have introduced an amendment to fix the worst problems in MAP-21.  Vote on this amendment is scheduled for Monday, February 13th. We need both of our Missouri senators to vote in favor of the Cardin-Cochran Amendment.
Missouri's two senators play a key role in this national debate. We will need the support of BOTH of Missouri's senators, McCaskill and Blunt, if this amendment is to pass.  If both of our senators vote against the amendment, it is almost certain to fail.  And both senators have wavered in their support for bicycling and walking in the past. 
Even better, call the senators and leave a message.
Phone calls make a really huge impression and it is very, very easy to make a call.  Usually an office worker takes the call, you give him or her your one-sentence message (below), the worker says "thank you" and that is it.
Message to Senators:
Identify yourself by your name, city, any organization you might represent.  Then:
"Please ask the Senator to support bicycle and pedestrian funding in MAP-21 and vote in favor of the Cardin-Cochran Amendment."
Please call both Senator Blunt's and Senator McCaskill's offices--contact info for both is below.
Roy Blunt
Roy Blunt

Online contact form
Washington DC Phone: (202) 224-5721
Washington DC Fax: (202) 224-8149
Kansas city: (816) 471-7141
Springfield: (417) 877-7814
St. Louis: (314) 725-4484
Cape Girardeau: (573) 334-7044
Jefferson City: (573) 634-2488
Columbia: (573) 442-8151
Claire McCaskill
Claire McCaskill
Washington DC Phone 202-224-6154
Washington DC Fax 202-228-6326
Cape Girardeau: 573-651-0964
Columbia: 573-442-7130
Kansas City: 816-421-1639
Springfield: 417-868-8745
St. Louis: 314-367-1364
It doesn't matter whether you call your local office or the Washington DC office--they tally calls and report them all to the senators either way.
National groups have identified senators in 11 states that are absolutely crucial to pass the Cardin-Cochran Amendment.  BOTH Missouri senators--Blunt and McCaskill--are on this key senators list.
Please give them both a call and/or email message.
Thank you!  When you contact your elected representatives, it really does make a difference!
The current Senate transportation bill (MAP-21) weakens walking and biking programs. As currently written, the Senate’s transportation bill removes dedicated funding for walking and biking and allows state DOTs to opt-out of safe street programs.
To improve the bill, we’re asking senators to vote for a bipartisan amendment to guarantee local governments a voice in transportation decisions and allow them to build sidewalks, crosswalks, and bikeways that keep people safe.  The "Cardin-Cochran" amendment ensures local governments can fund walking and biking infrastructure.
Messages for your senators about this amendment::
  • Local governments deserve a voice in transportation. The Cardin-Cochran amendment ensures that cities and counties have a voice in making transportation decisions for safer streets in their communities.
  • Safety matters. Bicycle and pedestrian deaths make up 14% of all traffic fatalities, but only 1.5% of federal funds go towards making walking and biking safer. These programs provide funding for sidewalks, crosswalks, and bikeways that make streets safe for all users.
  • Active transportation is a wise investment. Walking and biking infrastructure is low-cost, creates more jobs per dollar than any other kind of highway spending, and is critical to economic development for main street America.

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