FACT SHEET: What is the Missouri Bicycle Federation's track record?

The Missouri Bicycle Federation, in cooperation with Missouri bicycle clubs and organizations, is planning to hire a lobbyist to represent the interests of Missouri bicyclists before the Missouri legislature during the 2005 legislative session.

This is by far the most dramatic and exciting step forward in the Missouri Bicycle Federation's history and it is just one of the major projects MoBikeFed plans for the upcoming year.

What has MoBikeFed done in past years to prepare for this point?

Over the years, the Missouri Bicycle Federation has had an influence on statewide bicycle policy far out of proportion to its size and budget. A few examples of issues MoBikeFed has worked on over the years since 1994:

  • Repealed the mandatory sidepath law
  • Defeated a proposal in the MO legislature to require bicyclists to ride on the wrong side of the road
  • Defeated a bill requiring bicyclists to ride single file
  • Proposed far-reaching highway safety legislation that has twice passed the Missouri Senate.
  • Assembled a broad coalition in support of the highway safety legislation, including bicycle clubs, motorcycle clubs, volksmarch clubs, pedestrian advocacy organizations, and the Missouri PTA.
  • Worked with Amtrak & the MO Legislature to allow bicycles to be rolled onto MO Amtrak trains in 1997
  • Prodded MoDOT to hire a Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator in 1993, then to fill the position again when it went vacant in 2001.

The partnership between the MoDOT Bike/Ped Coordinator and MoBikeFed has produced numerous positive changes:

  • The revision or creation of MoDOT standards for the accommodation of bicyclists and pedestrians. Before the Bike/Ped Coordinator position, there was essentially no consideration of bicycle and pedestrian issues in MoDOT plans and standards.
  • Numerous updates to the Missouri Driver Guide to include bicycle and pedestrian issues (the entire chapter, "Sharing the Road", was added and later revised and improved).
  • Creation and distribution of a draft state bicycle route map, maps of shoulders on state highways (data and a map that never before existed) and maps of traffic counts for bicyclist use in route planning.
  • Consideration of bicyclist needs in planning rumble strip policies.
  • The creation of a bike-friendly drain grate policy (which is currently in the process of being adopted).
  • Generally, consideration of bicycle and pedestrian needs when planning all state road construction and reconstruction, when before there was none.
  • Input on specific projects and plans, in far too many specific cases to mention individually. (Example)

States that have representatives bringing bicycling issues before state political leaders develop a friendlier and safer environment for bicycling.

We need your help to make this happen here in Missouri.

How can you help?

  1. Join or renew your MoBikeFed membership. Our members are our greatest source of strength.
  2. Give MoBikeFed gift memberships to your friends/relatives--that way your gift counts twice!
  3. Donations of any size--whether $1, $100, $1000, or $10,000--are greatly appreciated. You can donate online using a credit card by clicking here.

    Or send donations to:
    Missouri Bicycle Federation, Inc.
    Post Office Box 104871
    Jefferson City, MO 65110-4871

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