What happened to St Louis Hostelling International bike events and the Moonlight Ramble?

The Gateway Council of Hostelling International in St. Louis has been a major organizer of regular bicycle rides, tours, hikes, and of course the Moonlight Ramble.

Over the past couple of years, Hostelling International has been downsizing and consolidating, absorbing local chapters, including the Gateway Council in St. Louis, into the national organization.

So what's happened to the rides, tours, and the Moonlight Ramble?

The good news is that many of them are continuing in a different form.  Roger Kramer Cycling covers some of the issues and developments in some detail.

The St. Louis Recreational Cyclists club has been created to continue the regular weekly rides.  The club offers a number of rides throughout the summer. 

Recently, organizers announced that the Moonlight Ramble will continue under the ownership of Emmis Marketing Group, owner of KSHE-95, a local radio station and previously sponsor of the Moonlight Ramble.

The Moonlight Ramble will take place September 1st, 2012 and pre-registration is open now.