Large crowd of walkers, runners, and cyclists take part in procession for runner killed on Route 66

The Rolla Daily News covered the story of a procession of bicyclists, walkers, and runners who took part in the funeral procession for Lisa Persicke, who was killed August 19th while running on Historic Route 66:

The family of St. James resident Lisa Persicke, 44, who was killed Aug. 19 after being struck by a vehicle while jogging on Historic Route 66, asked several runners and cyclists to take part in Persicke‚Äôs funeral procession in St. James Friday not only as a memorial but also to show the community the number of unmotorized folks out on the road. 

A large crowd of walkers, runners and cyclists leave the parking lot of James and Gahr Mortuary in St. James Friday to take part in the procession.

Persicke was killed by a hit-and-run driver while running on Old 66 on early in the morning of August 19th.  Her husband was following her on his bicycle and came upon the scene shortly thereafter. Thanks to help from citizens and police follow-up, the driver was apprehended by police and has been charged with manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.