Capitol Day April 8th: Key Issues for Bicycling and Walking

Bicycle and Pedestrian Day at the Capitol in Jefferson City is coming up on Monday, April 8th.  Capitol Day includes an awards ceremony for bicycle & pedestrian leaders in Missouri, a Legislators Bicycle Ride, and visits with our Missouri legislators.

Capitol Day is our best and most effective annual advocacy event--and it's a lot of fun, too. 

Capitol Day
Capitol Day

Join us for Capitol Day April 8th in Jefferson City - Register here (it's free).

2013 Capitol Day Issues

Bicycle Ban
We strongly oppose any effort, such as those under discussion by certain legislators during the 2013 legislative session, to ban bicyclists from any road or highway in Missouri.

Proposed $8 Billion in New Missouri Transportation Funding Must Include Fair Share for Bicycling, Walking, & Transit
The House and the Senate are debating a new $8 billion proposal for Missouri transportation funding.  We must ensure that bicycling and walking receive their fair share of any new funding.  Your person-to-person discussion with your own Senator and Representative are the most powerful and effective way we can deliver this message.

Anti-Harassment and Penalties for Thrown Objects
Based on successful models in Independence, Columbia, and Greenwood, we support the creation of misdemeanor-level penalties for harassing or throwing items at pedestrians and bicyclists, and for throwing items from or at vehicles.  This was identified by our members as a top legislative priority. 

Safe Passing of Bicyclists
We support improvement of the current safe passing of bicyclists statute by creating a minimum passing distance (four feet) and adding protection for bicyclists traveling in the shoulder (not covered by the current safe passing law). This issue was identified by our members as a top legislative priority. 

Update and Modernize Missouri’s Bicycle Law
Missouri’s bicycle law last saw major updates in 1995. We would like to update Missouri’s law to modern best practice, update confusing or incomplete language, update light and reflector requirements to reflect currently available equipment and capabilities, in order to improve safety for bicyclists and motorists and improve clarity for bicyclists and  law enforcement personnel.

Texting While Driving and Distracted Driving
Extending that ban on texting while driving to drivers of all ages and generally addressing the issue of distracted driving is one of the top priorities of our membership—over 95% support extending the ban on texting while driving to all drivers.

Complete Streets                                                                
“Complete Streets” are designed for all users – motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, children, the elderly, the disabled, and transit users.  A growing number of Missouri cities are adopting Complete Streets policies, which are needed at both local and state levels—we have gone from 3 Complete Streets policies in 2007 to 21 in 2012, including the statewide Complete Streets Resolution adopted by the General Assembly in 2011.

Capitol Day is your chance to make a real, personal difference for bicycling and walking in Missouri.

Join us for Capitol Day April 8th in Jefferson City - Register here (it's free).