National Bike Summit next week--the three BIG things we'll be asking Missouri members of Congress

Missouri's delegation is getting ready for the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC, next week.  During the Summit we'll visit the office of every Missouri members of Congress, asking them to work on behalf of their consituents who walk and bicycle, and support bicycling and walking as the federal transportation bill moves forward in the near future. 

Missouri delegates at the National Bike Summit
Missouri delegates at the National Bike Summit

What specifically are we asking our members of Congress to support?

Please Co-Sponsor HR 3494/S 1708- The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act

Please Co-Sponsor HR 2468/S 2004- The Safe Streets Act

Please Co-sponsor HR 3978- The New Opportunities for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Financing Act (New Opportunities)

Read more about this year's National Bike Summit agenda at the League of American Bicyclists web site.