Katy Trail Visitors have an annual economic impact of $18 million | Missouri State Parks

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Missouri State Parks conducted this study to determine the economic impact of Katy Trail State Park and its visitors on the Missouri economy. Trail user surveys – both on-site intercepts and longer user surveys returned by mail – were used to collect data on the types of users, visitor party size and demographics, the frequency and length of visits, and related spending. Visitor counts were derived from automatic counters located along the length of the trail, which were calibrated through on-site physical counts of Katy Trail users. The data were analyzed using the MGM2 economic impact modeling software.

Economic Impact

According to analysis using Money Generation Model Version 2 (MGM2) economic impact software, the 400,000 annual visitors to Katy Trail State Park have a total economic impact of $18,491,000 a year, which supports 367 jobs with a total payroll of $5,128,000. The total value added to the local community from visitor spending is $8,204,000.

Visitors to the Katy Trail spent, on average, $45 per person per day/night of their trip. They also spent, on average, $56.82 per person per day/night of their trip on Katy Trail-related expenses such as bicycles, clothing and other trail-related expenses during the past year.

The average party of 3.21 visitors spent $182.50 total during their visit and $147.14 per party day.