"Yes On 1" Nov 8th: Support renewal of the statewide Parks, Soils, & Water Tax supporting parks & trails across MO

One of the most important initiatives up for a vote in Missouri Tuesday involves an issue that is important to everyone in Missouri who walks, hikes, bicycles, or enjoys the outdoors: Amendment 1, to renew the existing tax that supports Missouri's State Parks, soils, and water.

Yes on 1: Major funding for Missouri's Katy Trail, the Rock Island Trail
Yes on 1: Major funding for Missouri's Katy Trail, the Rock Island Trail, and other Missouri State Park comes from Parks, Soils, and Water Tax

Half of the tax goes to support our state parks, including the Katy Trail, the Rock Island Trail, and over 1000 miles of trails in state parks in every part of Missouri.

The other half goes to soil and water preservation measure that are important to everyone who enjoys the Missouri outdoors--and to our state's farmers and agricultural lands.

This tax provides the primary form of support for our state parks and trails operated by Missouri State Parks like the Katy and Rock Island. If this funding vanishes, our state parks and trails will be in real trouble.

This tax has been in place since 1983 years and is a 1/10 percent sales tax--or 1 cent on every $10 purchase you make.  The tax must be renewed every 10 years.

Because this funding is so important, the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation Board is joining numerous organizations across the state--from the Missouri State Parks Foundation to the Missouri Rock Island Trail, Inc. to the Missouri Farm Bureau--who support renewal of the tax.

Please vote Yes on 1 November 8th, for our Missouri parks, trails, soil, and water.

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Working to create a world-class transportation system in Missouri for people who walk, bicycle, and use trails is one of the four primary goals of our Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri. Supporting the Katy Trail, the Rock Island Trail, the over 1000 miles of existing trail in Missouri State Parks, and connections between these state trails and communities all around the state is one of the primary ways we work to support that vision.

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