Update on Rock Island Trail progress - salvage work on 144-mile section over half complete; on track for late 2017 transfer to State Parks - Ameren Missouri

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[Current Rock Island Trail] project scope includes the 144 mile section of the former Rock Island Railroad between Beaufort and Windsor. Once the rail salvage work has been completed, which is estimated to occur late in 2017, the plan is for the property to be transferred to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Crews from the salvage contractor (A&K Railroad Materials, Inc.) have been most recently focused on removing vegetation west of Belle and between Windsor and Pleasant Hill In the near future, they will be working around Eldon and Versailles.

Through January 2017, A&K has removed approximately 79 miles of rail. This leaves 65 more miles of rail to remove. We expect tree removal will be complete by March 31, 2017, after which A&K will focus on removal of the remaining rail, other track material and ties.

Due to the large scope of this project and the timeline for completion, we understand that you may have questions or desire regular project updates. We encourage you to visit the special Rock Island Trail webpage https://www.powerforwardmo.com/rockisland/ for a monthly project status report. You can also call us at 573.681.7224 or email us at rockislandtrail@ameren.com .

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This update concerns the forthcoming 144-mile Rock Island Trail segment from Windsor to Beaufort (near Washington, MO):


Keep in mind that the first 47.7 miles of the Rock Island Trail is now open! Together with the Katy Trail, this creates a 287.7 mile seamless trail system--the longest in the U.S. visit our Rock Island Trail page: