Jackson County Rock Island Trail FAQ | Jackson County, MO

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* When will a trail be started / completed?

The county expects to begin trail construction in 2017 with a trail completed by late 2018.

* What are the next steps along the corridor?

Survey work has already begun to allow the county to assess the full condition of the property. Once that assessment has been made, design work will commence. At the same time, the RIRCA expects to meet with local officials and residents to lay out plans for the corridor.

Corridor planning and design will focus on preservation of the national rail network corridor’s integrity, most notably the railroad corridor’s unencumbered continuity, and on multi-modal transportation options as the corridor remains available for freight service.

* Will the trail connect to the Katy Trail?

Yes, eventually. There is a current Rock Island State Park project, using state resources, which will connect the Katy Trail from Windsor to Pleasant Hill. The state says that trail will be complete by the end of 2016. From Pleasant Hill there is only about a five mile gap, the Greenwood Gap, to the end of the Jackson County Rock Island Corridor. Discussions and plans are underway with various partners on closing that gap.

MoBikeFed comment: Jackson County purchased 17.7 miles of the Rock Island railroad corridor in May 2016 and is currently working to design & build the Rock Island Trail along that portion of the corridor.

The good news is that work on this portion of the Rock Island is moving forward so quickly that their FAQ is already partially out of date.

The 47-mile Rock Island Trail section between Pleasant Hill and Windsor is now open. Design work on the Jackson County portion of the trail is moving forward with public meetings planned for May 2 and 4, 2017.