City of Laurie finishes sidewalk project, updates city sidewalk & transportation plan | Lake News

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After finishing the new sidewalk, the board realized there was a need to update its Transportation Enhancement Master Plan. To that end, board members contracted Anderson Engineering to update the plan and assist with grant applications for the phases. The board reviewed the plan, noting that Phase 1 had been removed, and that Phase 5 had been split into Phase 5A and Phase 5B.
Phase 1 would have created a sidewalk through the fairgrounds from Route O to Highway 5. Phase 5 will create a sidewalk along Route O from Highway 5 to the Fountain Apartments; 5A goes to the Laurie Care Center and 5B creates a crosswalk to a sidewalk that runs the remaining distance to Fountain Apartments. The revised total cost for finishing Phases 2, 4 and 5 is $860,000. City Clerk Ron Clarke informed the board that Anderson Engineering is still open to changes in the plan, and will work with the board to implement them. After that, the board will need to hold a public hearing to pick a phase, and the grant process will begin.

MoBikeFed comment: Kudos must go to leaders in Laurie for completing the much needed sidewalk project, which did receive some criticism by a few citizens.

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