Over 8000 comments received to MO State Park's Rock Island Line Corridor Survey; Overwhelming majority positive | Missouri State Parks

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The following 8,685 comments were gathered during a public comment period, which ended August 31, 2017. These comments do not reflect the opinion of the State of Missouri or the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of State Parks, nor are these entities responsible for the content or the factual accuracy of the comments. The responses have not been edited or otherwise altered, except to remove names and other identifying statements, and potentially offensive language. The public comments were provided in response to the following question:

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is considering entering into an Interim Trail Use Agreement with Missouri Central Railroad for the purpose of developing the Rock Island Trail Project, a conversion of the former Rock Island Railroad corridor into a 144.3 mile long recreational trail from Windsor, MO, to Beaufort, MO.

Please provide your thoughts, comments, and suggestions regarding DNR entering into an Interim Trail Use Agreement and the Rock Island Trail Project.

MoBikeFed comment: Please click through to read the comments. 8585 comments were received. Roughly 95% of the comments are somewhere on the scale between positive and enthusiastic.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the Survey - your comments are making a real difference for the future of the Rock Island line.