The Safe System approach to improving road safety, #VisionZero - Towards Zero Foundation

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The starting point for a new approach is the recognition that road deaths are unacceptable and can be avoided if effective injury prevention strategies are adopted worldwide1. The experience of countries that have achieved the greatest reductions in road fatalities have shown that the most effective strategies are those which anticipate the likelihood of human error so that crashes don’t result in loss of life or health. This ‘forgiving’ or Safe System approach recognizes that whilst mistakes are inevitable, deaths and serious injuries from road crashes are not.

The Safe System approach to road safety challenges the traditional thinking and understanding of how to address road trauma, looking at how the elements that the road transport system is comprised of can work together to protect people from being killed or seriously injured.

The key differences between the traditional and Safe System approaches have been summarised in this link:

MoBikeFed comment: This graphic is probably the best single, brief summary of the systems vs traditional approach to road safety.

This is the approach championed by Vision Zero.

More about Vision Zero and how you can implement it in your community here: