The Safe System approach to road safety is the heart of the Vision Zero movement - Towards Zero Foundation

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At the heart of the Towards Zero vision is the belief that no one should be killed or seriously injured from using the road network. The aim of Towards Zero is for a world free from road fatalities and serious injuries and the vision is underpinned by the Safe System approach to road safety.

The Safe System (otherwise known as Vision Zero, Towards Zero or Sustainable Safety) views human life and health as paramount to all else and should be the first and foremost consideration when designing a road network.

The principles underpinning the Safe System acknowledge that:

* People make mistakes which can lead to crashes; however, no one should die or be seriously injured on the road as a result of these mistakes.

* The human body has a limited physical ability to tolerate crash forces – any impact greater than 30km/h increases the risk of dying significantly.

* Road safety is a shared responsibility amongst everyone, including those that design, build, operate and use the road system.

* All parts of the road system must be strengthened in combination to multiply the protective effects and if one part fails, the others will still protect people.