Supporters of Prop D, Missouri transportation tax increase on November ballot, announce leadership team | The Missouri Times

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The committee advocating for the passage of the fuel tax increase on the November ballot introduced a veteran campaign team to lead the way. is a campaign committee dedicated to the passage of Proposition D — which was sent to the voters by the General Assembly through HB 1460. The measure is asking Missourians to approve a 10 cent fuel tax increase, the creation of an “Emergency State Freight Bottleneck Fund,” and exempting Olympic winnings from state income taxes.

Dan Kleinsorge will serve as campaign manager, Scott Charton will serve as communications director, Trent Watson will serve as local governments coordinator, Jason Zamkus will serve as steering committee director, and Chuck Hatfield will serve as campaign legal counsel.

MoBikeFed comment: The coalition supporting Proposition D, the fuel tax increase, now has a web site at

Missouri's fuel tax is not automatically increased to account for inflation and has not been increased since the 1990s. The increase proposed by Prop D will put the fuel tax at very close to the same level (adjusted for inflation) that the tax was in the 1990s.