5 Heroes Who Use Bikes to Steer Kids toward Healthier Lives | Salud America

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Kids have fun when they ride bikes. They also get needed physical activity.

But did you know that riding a bike can aid children’s balance, reduce anxiety and stress, reduce their obesity risk, promote social interaction, and help acclimate to their surroundings?

That’s why we at Salud America! are spotlighting Salud Heroes who are pushing for safe, bike-friendly environments for Latino and all kids!...

Astonished by the student’s desire to help others, Alexander began searching for existing programs which might teach kids how to fix bikes, but he quickly found that there were no such programs in the area.

This drove him to start FreeWheels for Kids, a program that teaches middle-schoolers to have fun and stay active and how to fix bikes. They also build nature trails, and voice their desire for a bike friendly community with bike-friendly streets.

“The purpose of a bike club is to give youth ages 12-18 the chance to learn about what assets the community has, as well as identify some things that might need improvement,” Alexander said. “Students do this all while getting exercise, learning to map trails, participating in civic change and anything else they can come up with.”