Public feedback requested on Mark Twain National Forest Recreation Recreation Facility Strategy | MTNF

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Mark Twain National Forest administers 1.5 million acres across central and southern Missouri, with many recreational facilities, trails, rivers and of course millions of acres of forest.

Recently the National Forest has developed a plan for their recreational facilities--specific recreation sites, campgrounds, picnic areas, beaches, trailheads, and other such developed sites.

Now they are putting their plans out for public comments.

If you would like to comment about a recreational facility with Mark Twain National Forest, now is the time to let MTNF staff know your thoughts and ideas.

Find out more and leave your thoughts here:

Keep in mind that this plan only considers developed recreation sites within MTFN and facilities at those sites--not the wildernesses, special uses, or trail systems, as they are under a separate part of the program.

Still, if you included a brief comment in support of the need for trail, hiking, and bicycling opportunities that helps in general to build support for those amenities within the National Forest.

In our analysis, most of the area within south-central Missouri served by Mark Twain National Forest is underserved by safe bicycling opportunities and particular underserved in terms of mountain biking opportunities--which are a natural fit for this part of the state.

So in your comments, just letting MTNF know that there is public support for more access to walking and bicycling--and particularly mountain biking--in this part of the state, would be helpful.

MTNF has dozens of trails and hiking, bicycling, and other outdoor recreation opportunities. You can find our summary here of how to find the best places to visit within the 1.5 million acres of the National Forest in Missouri: