Washington MO Eyes Path from new Missouri River bridge to Katy Trail | Washington | emissourian.com

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City officials have started down the path to connect the Highway 47 bridge to the Katy Trail.

“We recently just started the discussion and are now partnering with Warren County,” said Sal Maniaci, Washington’s community and economic development director.

“We have known we wanted to make a connection between the bridge on Highway 47 and the Katy Trail because it would increase tourism in the city,” Maniaci said. “It also would help increase recreation activity.”

MoBikeFed comment: The connection between the recently opened Missouri River bridge at Washington Missouri and the Katy trail has long been an issue. Local citizens and leaders have been working to make the connection for years--hoping to have the trail connection open as soon as the new bridge was open. But that didn't quite happen.

It's possible to ride Highway 47 from the Katy Trail to the bridge now, but it's a long ride with lots of fast traffic.

A new trail connecting between the Katy and the bridge will make the ride into Washington a lot more attractive for everyone who uses the trail.

Hopefully we'll see that trail connection happen very soon.

This connection will be part of the statewide trail loop between the Katy Trail and the Rock Island Trail, which both come together in this area, just north and just south of Washington, Missouri. So it's a very important connection for a few different reasons.